Geocaching in the Rain

As it happened, we did not actually get rained on! So I thought we did rather well in that regard. A DNF rate of 1/3 was not so great though.

Even though Monday looked distinctly similar to the other grey rainy days we’ve had a lot of so far this summer,  I was  badly suffering from cabin fever and it was the last of PB’s sort-of  ‘days off’, so we decided to go caching anyway. I mean, we have an umbrella for signing logbooks under, or we can dash back to the cachemobile if necessary. But it turned out that we skipped around the raindrops  and the puddles quite well and umbrellas were not needed.  

Bitsprayer and Moneydork had a bit of a cache placing spree in town recently, which was good for us as with PB on call for work, we could not go too far at all.

First we headed for this cache: GC21Q8H Where’s Thomas A quick trot across the wet grass and a few circuits around a tree, and the cache was in hand. PB feels that he has a vague memory of the train being here – I wonder where and when it disappeared.  I have to say I’ve never really paid much attention to the trees here, but they were fine specimens close up.

A Fine Specimen

Next we zoomed off to GC21Z93 Show Us Your Clock. This is a cache placed by some of our newest cachers in town, and they’ve done a good job, as we could not find it!!! We both searched a bit, then I did photographic decoy while PB had a more intensive look in some areas.  From on top of the flood wall I got a few pics of a very wild looking river, and down on the street I practiced my flower photography – and still the cache was not to be seen.

A rose by any other name...


Wild River


Our final caching stop for the day was a wee detour up a hill (sorry folks, we drove not walked!!) for a quick pick-up of a new cache in an area where we used to have the final for a puzzle. We found this one quite quickly-  GC21PWR Derek    and spared a few moments thought for the person who’s memorial cross is located nearby. Also had the chance for some photos of our ranging river from a different perspective.

View out to the Bar

Our  very final stop of the day  in town was at a local cafe for some refueling!! Hot chocolate and chocolate brownie – nice!!

Hot Chocolate


12 responses to “Geocaching in the Rain

  1. Oh man that hot chocolate looks absolutely wonderful!

    Love the trees, looks like a jungle. Do you guys have poison ivy or poison oak there?

  2. Nope – no poison ivy or oak here! No snakes or scorpions either and not much in the way of spiders. One poisonous type of nettle plant, but it’s not very common. No bear, coyotes or other nasty creatures that eat you either ….. well, pretty much no creatures that don’t have feathers actually ……
    Strange country, eh!?????

  3. Lovely pictures! Everything is covered in snow here.

  4. Hmmm out of all your stops.. that hot chocolate looks absolutely the best. You know trees have fascinating, they tell a different story each season..and of course norwood likes them.
    debi and norwood

  5. Getting good with the flower pics. See how the background is all out of focus.

    Wouldn’t mind some hot choc today. It’s cold and rainy.

    Didn’t know that you have no poisonous dangerous creatures. Here you poke a stick at a rock before lifting it carefully. Spiders and snakes and scorpions oh my.

  6. Mmmmm…. that hot chocolate looks awesome! Sounds like a fun adventure for the day.

    Rain isn’t too bad, pending on how hard it is. I’m getting sick of the snow and caching!

  7. One kind of spider that might give you a nasty sores where it bites and one that is venomous and may give breathing problems if not treated – but it is also rather rare. That’s about it for scary animals.


  8. Rain I usually don’t mind too much, but the recent rain hasn’t been like our normal rain, and it is just going on and on and on…. plus being mostly stuck at home and the builder banging, is all starting to give me cabin fever majorly.
    (I’d almost consider swapping with you for some snow!!!LOL)


  9. Of course Norwood likes trees …. Ruger likes them too!!! LOL


  10. Snow makes some beautiful pictures too!


  11. No scary animals?! not fair! lol

  12. Nope – not one scarey animal at all.

    Used to be a scarey man-eating bird though –

    I’m quite glad that they are extinct now!!!!