Public Service Announcements

Just a few random bits of news thrown together!

1)      I offer a thousand apologies to some new readers (Sorry sorry sorry) I think I accidentally deleted a page of comments from my spam filter that were actually almost all valid comments,  despite my spam collecter telling me they were spam. So PLEASE PLEASE comment again !!!!!  I have changed a couple of settings so the filter should  hopefully not be quite so fierce, and I will make my best effort to remember to check it more frequently.

2)      In a similar vein, if you have been out there reading, and have never commented on my blog before – or even never commented on anyone’s blog before, this is your invitation!!!!  It’s a New Year  – a new chance to start commenting – here or elsewhere, go comment on a blog and possibly make a new friend.  Go on, you know you want to……

3)      Some of you will have already heard of the Project 365  photography challenge? Well, PB and I are giving it a whirl this year.  We take photos most days anyway (our pets are always doing something either cute or nutty) so I thought for myself that it will be a good way to practice more with our relatively new camera that I don’t really like, and to broaden my photographic horizons from pet  photos and scenic  snap shots.  You can check out our efforts at Flickr – see the widget on my  blog sidebar or click here: AnnieWildfire’s Photos  

4)      Also  you may have noticed that I’m now on Twitter  too. If I don’t recognize who you are I WILL block you, so if you are a regular reader and you want to hang out on Twitter and your user name there is different –  please leave a comment here and let me know, otherwise I will inadvertently block you.   The world is a strange place sometimes …. and especially on Twitter ……

Hope your New Year is going well so far!!!


P.S. Quote fans, you will notice that I have changed my Quote of the Week. The previous quotes are stored in my ‘Quotes’ page – link on the link in the bar at the top of my blog.

6 responses to “Public Service Announcements

  1. Nice PSA. I think we’ve all accidentally deleted comments at one point or another 😉

    BTW, Besides all the spam people on twitter – are you enjoying it??

  2. Thanks Erika,

    For some reason some comments from Tracy had gone into my spam, and I was trying to figure out how to approve them, and I clicked on the wrong thing and ‘ppoofff’ the whole page of comments disappeared. 😦

    Twitter seems good so far. I can’t understand how people have hundreds of followers though!!!! I feel like the little bunch of followers I have is nice, and I’m slowly getting to know them better. But there are some really random wierd people out there that have tried to follow me!


  3. Don’t worry about the comment deletions Annie…the chances are most were spam.

    Nobody would have known you had deleted them and would have probably thought they hadn’t filled in the box properly and tried again.

    I’ve found the WP filter to be pretty spot on. I find the spam comes in waves on one post…and then nothing. I’ve hardly had any spam for ages…mind you I haven’t had that many comments either…hmm.

  4. I did feel bad about having possibly deleted someone’s genuine comment. Usually the spam has been obviously spam – as you say the filter seemed to be pretty good at picking it up – so I was puzzled about how Tracy’s comments had got in there.

    I guess all the hillwalkers and Maisie fans are on holiday or in hibernation?


  5. Started following you on Twitter 🙂 I’m KMielke with the kitty face profile pic

  6. Hi there Kris!!
    Cute kitty – what’s his/her name??
    Hmmm … if I’m going to get more cat people readers, I will have to get better at taking photos of Kelty our cat!!