Geocaching Goals for 2010

I have finally been able to update our stats on our profile at . (My previous ‘My Finds’ PQ ran but never got emailed – who knows where it went!!!)

We did not achieve some of our goals in 2009, mostly due to me getting ill, so I think we will need to set our targets a bit lower for 2010. We will try for a wider variety of small challenges for ourselves I think.

We hope to get to 2000 caches by the end of this year, which means we will need to get 577 caches in 2010. We got 573 in 2009 even with illness so we should manage that!

We will aim to reach 50 different Terrain/Difficulty combinations – currently at 47, so that sounds achievable.

We would like to have 60 active caches by the end of the year, including one genuine terrain 5 cache. It would also be great to place an Earthcache. We currently have 51 active caches and a whooooole lot of ideas…….

The FTF race has slowed down a lot around here lately, so we might try for a few more of these as well – perhaps 6 more, so then we would have 25 FTFs.

Our percentages of multi and mystery caches are not very high, so we’re going to try for 200 Multis and 100 Mysteries done by the end of the year.  Also we would like to attend at least one more event this year, two if possible. At this stage we hope to get to Kiwi Explorer’s Valentine’s Day Event, and this year’s belated edition of Moneydork’s  Easter Event – so we are very likely to achieve this goal!! It would be fun to do another Wherigo, which we could do the next time we are in Bitsprayer territory.  And I’d like to get another 6 Earthcaches, so then we would have 25. We did really well on Earthcaches this year, so I’m not sure how many are left to visit in areas that we regularly travel to though!!!

So far this year we’ve found four caches, and DNFed  two, so we’re off to an OK start for 2010. Hopefully our finds average will improve as the year goes by!! LOL


7 responses to “Geocaching Goals for 2010

  1. We sure hope you make your goal this year.. We love seeing all the cool places you go..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  2. Good luck on your goals! I always tell myself I’ll do more mystery caches… but most of them are wayyy over my head 😉

  3. LOL! Yep – this is our nearest ? cache: GC1DEFJ Kryptos Conundrum. It might as well be a 5.5 difficulty as far as I am concerned!!! Have you made any specific goals?


  4. Thanks guys! We love going new places – or seeing old places through new eyes.


  5. Those look like achievable goals. Good luck.
    I also love seeing the areas you guys visit!

  6. Sounds like some good goals. I want to make a post with my caching goals soon… I just need to come up with the ones I want to accomplish. I’ve tip-toed a few, but I’d like to expand. 🙂

  7. Ditto on the places you visit!! I think seeing other people’s photos makes me more aware of what an amazing and varied place this old Earth is!!