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Geocaching Goals for 2010

I have finally been able to update our stats on our profile at Geocaching.com . (My previous ‘My Finds’ PQ ran but never got emailed – who knows where it went!!!)

We did not achieve some of our goals in 2009, mostly due to me getting ill, so I think we will need to set our targets a bit lower for 2010. We will try for a wider variety of small challenges for ourselves I think.

We hope to get to 2000 caches by the end of this year, which means we will need to get 577 caches in 2010. We got 573 in 2009 even with illness so we should manage that!

We will aim to reach 50 different Terrain/Difficulty combinations – currently at 47, so that sounds achievable.

We would like to have 60 active caches by the end of the year, including one genuine terrain 5 cache. It would also be great to place an Earthcache. We currently have 51 active caches and a whooooole lot of ideas…….

The FTF race has slowed down a lot around here lately, so we might try for a few more of these as well – perhaps 6 more, so then we would have 25 FTFs.

Our percentages of multi and mystery caches are not very high, so we’re going to try for 200 Multis and 100 Mysteries done by the end of the year.  Also we would like to attend at least one more event this year, two if possible. At this stage we hope to get to Kiwi Explorer’s Valentine’s Day Event, and this year’s belated edition of Moneydork’s  Easter Event – so we are very likely to achieve this goal!! It would be fun to do another Wherigo, which we could do the next time we are in Bitsprayer territory.  And I’d like to get another 6 Earthcaches, so then we would have 25. We did really well on Earthcaches this year, so I’m not sure how many are left to visit in areas that we regularly travel to though!!!

So far this year we’ve found four caches, and DNFed  two, so we’re off to an OK start for 2010. Hopefully our finds average will improve as the year goes by!! LOL

Public Service Announcements

Just a few random bits of news thrown together!

1)      I offer a thousand apologies to some new readers (Sorry sorry sorry) I think I accidentally deleted a page of comments from my spam filter that were actually almost all valid comments,  despite my spam collecter telling me they were spam. So PLEASE PLEASE comment again !!!!!  I have changed a couple of settings so the filter should  hopefully not be quite so fierce, and I will make my best effort to remember to check it more frequently.

2)      In a similar vein, if you have been out there reading, and have never commented on my blog before – or even never commented on anyone’s blog before, this is your invitation!!!!  It’s a New Year  – a new chance to start commenting – here or elsewhere, go comment on a blog and possibly make a new friend.  Go on, you know you want to……

3)      Some of you will have already heard of the Project 365  photography challenge? Well, PB and I are giving it a whirl this year.  We take photos most days anyway (our pets are always doing something either cute or nutty) so I thought for myself that it will be a good way to practice more with our relatively new camera that I don’t really like, and to broaden my photographic horizons from pet  photos and scenic  snap shots.  You can check out our efforts at Flickr – see the widget on my  blog sidebar or click here: AnnieWildfire’s Photos  

4)      Also  you may have noticed that I’m now on Twitter  too. If I don’t recognize who you are I WILL block you, so if you are a regular reader and you want to hang out on Twitter and your user name there is different –  please leave a comment here and let me know, otherwise I will inadvertently block you.   The world is a strange place sometimes …. and especially on Twitter ……

Hope your New Year is going well so far!!!


P.S. Quote fans, you will notice that I have changed my Quote of the Week. The previous quotes are stored in my ‘Quotes’ page – link on the link in the bar at the top of my blog.

Last Picture Taken Sunday

This turned out to be my Last Picture Taken Sunday, and it actually WAS a photo I took myself. It’s also my Project 365 photo for Sunday 3rd January 2010. You can check out my photos at Flickr at the bottom of the sidebar  to find out more about this photo.

Rainy Day

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