Daily Archives: January 2, 2010

A Bridge & A Beach

 New Year’s day turned out warm and DRY, despite the weather girl’s worst predictions, so we took the change to grab a couple of newish local caches. We headed to one of the West Coast’s very unique features: a road-rail bridge. I’d be interested to know if there are any like it in your part of the world!

Taramakau Road - Rail Bridge


We were pretty sure that we knew where the cache was from various log comments, and so it was that our GPS pointed us to the same spot. After a bit of gymnastics I got to the right location, and we had our first find for 2010.

A new date to write

Here are a couple of other bridge pictures for those bridge fans amongst you!! (And click here for an even earlier bridge.)

Then we headed to another cache that is actually designed as a night cache – but, you know, that doesn’t always mean it can’t be found during the day. But alas, this time we will have to try again at night. So this is my photo from that cache:

Just a little wildflower


Our next stop was a little spot near the beach (just along from where PB took the beach sunset photo yesterday. After a very short stroll we found our cache – had to trust the GPS on this one, as it was such a small container.

A little container - we've seen alot of these recently.


We continued further along the little track for a sea view, and also happened across some mushrooms.

Karoro Beach

Mushroom on Log


Underneath of mushroom


 We checked on a couple of our own caches too, and that was our first day’s caching for 2010.

A belated New Zealand Christmas Tree

A belated New Zealand Christmas Tree