From France

This is my first Postcrossing card from France, although Rebecca the sender, is as German student currently studying in France. She sounds like a real language scholar!  The picture is perhaps from the small town of Septemes-les-Vallons, which is in Provence in the south of France. It seems to be just slightly north of Marseille  which is a major coastal city and the second most populated city in France.

The postcard is square which is rather unique, and has an interesting stamp of the Eiffel Tower .


On Rebecca’s postcard she tells me that ‘Guten Tag’ is the formal way to say hello in German, and Nouvelle-Zelande is French for New Zealand.

6 responses to “From France

  1. Lovely! Paris is on my “places to visit” list 😉

  2. Love the colours. And that is the first time I’ve seen a square postcard, wow.

  3. trop belle 😉

    I haven’t had a card from France yet and I want one so much! it’s not fair 😀

  4. Have never seen a square postcard before. Beautiful picture.

  5. Very nice card!

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