A Small Caching Trip or Two.

 I said to someone just the other day that we don’t really have seasons here as such. We just have ‘raining’ or ‘not raining.’  Usually I really don’t mind the rain because when it’s not raining this really is the most beautiful part of the most beautiful country in the whole wide world (Hmmm …. I might just be  teensy bit biased though …..) and you don’t get rain forest without rain to make it grow.  Plus, I’m a little bit a weather freak who enjoys extreme weather. 

However, the ‘raining’ has gone on FAR TOO LONG, even for me, this year. Usually Spring is the main rainy season, but now we’ve had almost a month of official Summer. And it’s STILL raining. We’ve been getting one day of glorious sunshine – followed by three or four  or five days of rain. But not our usual rain  –  heavy rain that thunders on the roof, quickly floods the gutters and is over with, to clear quickly to  blue & yellow sunshiny days. No, we’ve been having damp, misty, claggy drizzle – sheets of it floating past the windows. The hills have disappeared, the trees have disappeared. In fact, the world has disappeared – apart from the hammering, sawing and swearing in the kitchen!!! 

Ruger in the Mist

Ruger & Neve in the Mist

So on Sunday, we went caching anyway. We just did the one cache on a small walk that goes along the edge of a local lagoon. And actually the mist added to the atmosphere. Part of the walk is boardwalk along the edge of the tidal lagoon, and then it loops back though a little patch of native bush.  We used to do this walk several times a week, and several times a week we used to amuse ourselves with the possibility of Neve falling off the board walk – which she has, several times.  She is such a busy body, that she is so interested in paying attention to everything else that is going on – except where she is walking!!  So now she stays on short leash – so at least we can fish her up again if she falls off. (And people say that heelers are a very intelligent dog ……… ) 

Yesterday – Monday – we had one beautiful clear sunny day, so we went on a small road trip to pick up a cache or three, and to check on some of our own ones.  We also got to have lunch out at one of our favourite cafes. 

We ‘found’ two caches at a little tourist village called Moana, which is on the edge of a lake about 30-40 minutes inland from where we live. It’s one of those little places that has a small resident population that  about trebles in the summer when the flashy holiday(vacation) homes that get lived in for two weeks a year are filled up.  We did notice that times must be hard at the moment as the pub/motel complex is up for mortgagee sale, the camping ground is for sale, and quite a number of the holiday homes have ‘ For Sale’ signs on them. I guess the recession is hitting those who used to have enough money for two homes. 

Lake Brunner & Te Kinga

Swingbridge over Arnold River

Arnold River lake outlet

I have to confess that we did not need to get the GPS out for the two caches here. Until recently we were co-owners of a large multi through Moana. We’d created it with some other local cachers for educational purposes when we were helping to run ‘Introduction to Geocaching’ days for various groups.  However, it was a pain in the butt to maintain – as you find with a 10 WP multi, parts kept going missing.  So its’ time had come! One of the other co-owners kept a couple of the WPs on as traditionals, and we went out to clear them off our list.  He had changed them a little, so I actually ended up taking a few minutes to find one of them, even though I knew the general location where it was hid very well.  And the other one was literally floating – we’ve had that much rain recently that the lake was the highest I’ve ever seen it. 

Near one of the caches

We stopped for a great lunch at a place called The Stationhouse Café in Moana. We stuck with routine and I had a venison burger while PB had his usual Cajian chicken version. 

Lunch with a view - PB's burger!

Our next stop was Iveagh Bay which is pretty much only occupied by holiday makers. Even more of the homes here were for sale, and there is some really expensive looking places around here!  We got a cache near here – which may or may not have been on this island.

Was it, or was it not, on the island?

 And failed to check on our own cache nearby as we didn’t come equipped with kayak or jet boat today – usually it is possible to walk along the shore to it. 

We drove around the lake to a place called Carew Falls to check on another cache of ours that doesn’t get found very often. And we haven’t actually been back since we placed it either. It’s just a 20 minute walk up to it, but a bit of a drive on gravel (unsealed) roads to get there. So that tends to put people off.  Fortunately it was all in good order, and had basically the same swaps in it that it had when we placed it. 

Carew Falls

The view looking down from the Falls

"Picnic anyone??"

Here are some views of this side of the lake!  There is a great cache called GCG00EBain Bay that we have walked around to from here previously – it’s about an hour around from this bay. We had a little wading to do when we found the cache, but today we’d have been swimming!!! The boardwalk going off to the left leads to a path around the shore to to Bain Bay and the cache. 

Park your truck…. or tie up your boat….


Cemetery Gates

To finish off the day we checked a couple of other caches including a short multi that starts at  a cemetery. It’s just a new  cache, but people seemed to be having trouble with it, though it should be quite straightforward. Everything was in place and as it should be, so perhaps it’s just a little more difficult than we think it is. Might have to add an extra half a star to the difficulty rating…..


P.S. Getting the photos in the right places in this entry has just about driven me up the wall, so some of them still aren’t right, but I’m not fiddling with them aaaannnnnyyy more.  Helpful photo manangement hints from other WordPress bloggers most welcome.



8 responses to “A Small Caching Trip or Two.

  1. WOW! What an amazing view for lunch! This french fries look Tasty! do you guys call them ‘french’ fries?

  2. I love the view you have from your lunch spot! It looks like you had a lot of amazing views and sites that day!

  3. Kind of depends – we call them fries or chips. There is a traditional Kiwi take-away called “fish and chips.” But at a cafe/restaurant they are more likely to be called fries.


  4. It is a really nice area – I think the West Coast is truly beautiful (I grew up on the East Coast which is much more dry and less trees.)


  5. Sorry Annie, haven’t a clue how to arrange photos – as you’ll notice from my blog. Fantastic scenery in your part of the world though I have to say your current weather sounds very familiar to me – though I suspect your temperatures might be a wee bit higher!

  6. I’m quite keen on our scenery myself. And yep – about 30degrees C warmer!!! R & N would object quite severely to the kind of walks that Maisie enjoys I suspect. If it gets below about 14C Ruger can generally be found curled up in a tight ball with his tail fluffed over his nose.


  7. Oh, there’s a 7 hour return walk to the top of that hill (Te Kinga.) You’d love the views.

  8. I really like the waterfalls you have here… they look quite amazing.