Now you see it…

… now you don’t!

When we went out this morning on a little geocaching trip, this was what our east kitchen wall looked like:

That was the old pantry.

Now it looks like this:

That's our laundry - with everything jammed in one corner.

 Looking the other way from the laundry in to the kitchen – some progress is being made on new cupboards etc.

Looking toward the new kitchen.

10 responses to “Now you see it…

  1. I bet you cant wait for the renovations to be completed. I lol’d at the vanishing pantry

  2. well, it looks a lot more open 😉

  3. Well, I sure can’t wait for the plaster dust stage to be finished! A person can only do so much vaccuming (hoovering?- what word do you use?)!
    It’s all going to look so different when it’s finished.


  4. Yes – our laundry looks enormous now. That gap will have a new door put in it eventually. Stage two (if we ever save the money) will be to make the laundry smaller and the bathroom bigger.


  5. Looks like you have a good set of plans for the area!

  6. It is looking good.. You are doing a great job…

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  7. I would schedule any work being done inside around a vacation. I can’t stand the disruption!

    It looks like it will be worth the trouble though!

  8. It will be well worth the hassle, I’m sure.
    I like the tile(?) on the floor.

  9. the kitchen is going to look fantastic when it’s finished!!!

  10. Thanks for the comments everyone! The part I am MOST looking forward to is when we get the ‘ french doors’ in that will open out onto a verandah. And show off our bush (forest/woods) view.