Last Pic Taken Sunday

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Unfurling fern frond

I’m lucky this week! It is a photo I actually took myself, while playing around with settings on the camera. We were out getting a local geocache.




4 responses to “Last Pic Taken Sunday

  1. interesting picture!

  2. Wow, great detail. I love the way ferns grow. Reminds me of chinese prawn crackers in supet slow mo.
    Yay! LaPicTakSun. (Lame attempt at coining an abbreviation)

  3. All things in nature are beautiful, but I have to say that that is the oddest looking thing I have seen in quite a while!

  4. LOL!! Interesting to hear other people’s perspectives! You just have to imagine each of the little curls unfurling into a beautiful fern frond I guess. They do look quite beautiful then!