Christmas Day

Finally I’ve got organised to download and sort a few photos from Christmas Day. As it turns out there’s nothing really spectacular – a few cute dog pics, but not too much else. It was actually a really busy day and not that restful at all!!!

At the start of the day PB and I try to get a bit of time to ourselves and have a nice quite breakfast – well as peaceful as you can with a canine audience:

MMmmmm ..... cheese

Mmmm ....... fruit

Then we were off to church at 9:30 to help with the Community Dinner. We had only around 140 guests – the biggest meal in New Zealand has over 2000! We helped with the audio and visual stuff, served food (the stuffing is our ‘job!’), and helped clear the tables and pack up at the end.

Santa visited of course:

We finally got home around 3:30 and had a little break before loading up the van with dogs and going over to PB’s Mum’s place.

Neve "On the way to Grandma's house."

Ruger " Are we there yet, Dad?"

Ruger "Why don’t we have a squeaky newspaper at home, Dad?"

Neve "Grandma has pretty flowers."

Our Cousin Diva

"Pose for a family photo – Mum, you have GOT to be kidding!!!!"

Neve "I’ll have my photo taken with Mum though."

Neve "I MIGHT play zoomies with Diva....."


8 responses to “Christmas Day

  1. cute! Looks like u had a great day! So you help with the community dinner – do you get to eat too???

  2. Yep – we get to eat if we want. Chicken, ham, lamb, peas, carrots, new potatoes, stuffing, gravy for main course. Trifle, pavlova, jelly, icecream & fruit salad for dessert.
    I do miss having Christmas Pudding though, so PB and I usually get one and have it at home one night.


  3. Looks like an action-packed day. Holidays never seem to be relaxing though, eh? 🙂

  4. Still so many people showed up!
    Christmas day is always busy busy, maybe we should invent camera hats with a handheld shutter button.

    Doggies looking gawgeous.

  5. stvincentdepaulds

    Cute dog pictures, especially cattle dogs, make the world go round! Merry Christmas!

  6. Looks like the community dinner was a success!

    Always love the captions for Neve and Ruger. They crack me up!

  7. Hi there! Thanks fror dropping in to visit my blog. And thanks for your comment.


  8. Thanks!
    Sometimes I really would like to know what is going on in their little canine brains. I’m only ever guessing and person-alising!