The Relatives

We’ve had a busy couple of days – and then today MIL got out of hospital, so I’ve been across town at her house for the afternoon and tea (dinner.)  Here are some shots of the animal collection at her place!

Diva the dazzling dog

with one of her many toys


Handsome cat #1 - who has a really tricky name that I have difficulty pronouncing and certainly can't spell!!


Handsome cat #2 - brother of #1 - with equally tricky name

Your normal programme of events at Annie & PB Go Geocaching may or may not resume tomorrow, depending how MIL is.  And I’ve even found two geocaches that I need to write about.

4 responses to “The Relatives

  1. wowwwww!!!! yOU have very good friends!!!
    Greetings from Moldova! 😉 Earlier, you heard about my country!????

  2. Hope your MIL is better soon. Cute pets and I cant wait to hear about your caching!

  3. Hi there Jenea,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I have heard of Moldova, but I don’t know where it is exactly – somewhere is Eastern Europe perhaps? Or perhaps I am wrong!


  4. What I’m wondering is why won’t my OWN pets pose for me so nicely!!!