Last Pic Taken Sunday – Belated

Funny sometime how random can work out kind of appropriate!! This is for Tracy at Tracy’s Topics, and she comes from a part of the world where these creatures will be rather more familiar than in my part of the world!!!

We were at a BBQ on Sunday evening with some people we know who have done lots of travelling. They have really cool stuff on their walls, and it looks like PB was taking pictures of some of it. And the last pic turned out to be……


5 responses to “Last Pic Taken Sunday – Belated

  1. This is awesome! I would love to have this for my house!

  2. Crikey, it’s the rare monochrome spotted giraffe and her foal.

    Yay! For Sunday pic! It’s still Sunday somewhere right?

  3. Hi Katy Rose – they have some awesome photos too – many of which they have taken themselves.


  4. LOL!!! By the time I posted that,I think it would have still been Sunday perhaps in the very last time zone!!!!

    (I knew you’d recognise the species right away!!! Hehehe)


  5. Beautiful picture. I’d hang that in my home any day!