A Couple of Caches

Our weather has improved! Hooray (though expected to be rainy again on Christmas Day)

On Sunday we had a very busy day with hospital visits, church, a ‘pot-luck’ lunch after church, and then an end-of-year BBQ thing in the evening. But the good thing with all the social events going on is that it was SUNNY.

The BBQ was about 30 mins out of our little town, so that meant an opportunity to get a couple of geocaches on our way.

The first was literally a drive by – we’d put it in the Nuvi and that was all we needed. Didn’t even turn on the handheld GPS as when we got close we  knew where it would be! So a 2 second find to Annie for this one:   GC21PF2  Snap-Lock Sanctuary

Signing in

Sanctuary Road

However the next supposed drive-by  GC21PEZ Leaning in Havill put us quite off the scent. The cache placer Bitsprayer is well known for very accurate co-ordinates, so generally his caches are a case of follow the GPS arrow, and there it will be. However, his GPS – or ours – must have been having an off day as we went on a little scrabble that we need not have gone on at all.  So after we had searched … well, I won’t say exactly where ….. but I took this photo: 


We decided that we were in the wrong spot. I zoomed back to the van and checked the print-out to discover that we were looking for a 1.5 terrain rating cache, in a 3 terrain rating spot. So after PB scrabbled back up too, we tried the drunken bee dance again.  We got pointed towards another, somewhat similar hint item to the one we’d been searching but MUCH easier to access. And voila there was our little plastic box in the spot that PB checked.  The co-ords were still a bit off for what we would expect for this particular cache placer so one of us was definitely having a bad day!! 😉  :0

View from Havill Road


5 responses to “A Couple of Caches

  1. some times my GPS throws a fit too… so your not alone in doing the drunken bee dance! 🙂 Congrats on your finds!!

  2. Yeah, electronics… suckers sometimes can’t handle what we need! 🙂

  3. “Drunken bee dance” LOL
    Possible glossary entry: “scrabble”. (It’s a well known board game in the US.)


  4. Oooops, also meant to say that it’s nice to be able to match a face to the name! : )

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