Daily Archives: December 19, 2009

Poor Orphan Postcards

Too wet for geocaching today sadly, so we’ve assembled a bookcase and visited PB’s mum in hospital and, well, not a lot else.  So I’ve no geocaching to write about. Instead I’ll show you some poor orphaned postcards that I’ve adopted via Postmuse. They arrived in today’s mail.  Here is the page that explains Postmuse’s project:  Start of Something New.  

My postcards arrived today – one is a sort-of local picture from the West Coast, and the other from our capital city of Wellington. I’m going to tell Postmuse about our visits to both these places.

"The lofty peaks of Mt. Tasman and Mt. Cook reflect dramatically in the dark waters of Lake Matheson.

Lake Matheson  is an absolutely beautiful scenic location near Fox Glacier, a few hours south of where we live.  Its considered to be high up on the list of places to visit in New Zealand.  We’ve decided that it must only ever look like this on the days that overseas tourists are visiting, because we’ve never had good weather down at the Glaciers. The once that we have walked all the way round the lake, it was misty, rainy, dismal & grey and we barely saw the lake, never mind the reflections! However, there’s plenty of photographic evidence that it does look beautiful.  There are also some really great geocaches down in this area and futher, as well as a few not so great.  One of our favourites from about 50k south is GCHF60 Paringa.

This postcard also has a cute little design along the edge on the back, which I’ve never seen before on any New Zealand card, so perhaps that is not the ‘fashion’ in postcards now. 

The second postcard shows our Parliament buildings. The strangely shaped building to the left is known as ‘The Beehive.’

Parliment Buildings, wellington, New Zealand

 Sometimes, no doubt, our politicians are as busy as bees, but other times I truly wonder …….   

PB and I had a two week holiday (vacation) travelling around the lower half of the North Island  in January 2009. We went to dozens of new places and found  over  150 caches including breaking the 1000 caches found barrier.  We found a couple of caches around the Beehive – of course there are no caches too close to the buildings.  GC10KTP Sweet Lunch Spot  was in a surprising  little quiet area, near some really unusual sculptures. Everyone should try to visit the centre of government for their country at least once, so now we can say we’ve done that.  Possibly we’ll even be back again – there’s quite a few more caches in Wellington…..

Postmuse also used some really nice stamps on the envelope the postcards were in.