A ‘lil bit o’ Christmas

We FINALLY got our Christmas tree up last night. We’ve got enough decorations to cover about three trees the size of our one, so this year I decided to only use all the ‘special’ decorations on it. Each year for I don’t know how long my Mum (Mom) has given us a decoration – usually one that she has handmade, sometimes a unique one she has found in a shop (store). Plus there are some that my sister and I have made through the years, or others that have special memories – like the strange little purple bauble that we swapped out of a cache our first Christmas of geocaching.  So here it is:

All lit up

And here are a few other Christmas photos from around the house.

Little Bear

Christmas cards

Gift from parents (& this year's decoration!)

Nativity scene made by my sister


We also have reindeer here…..

Mum, this is SOooooo embarassing


I'm glad she put the antlers on you & not me!




9 responses to “A ‘lil bit o’ Christmas

  1. What a beautiful tree mom. Neve, Ruger you certainly do NOT look to impressed with those antler’s.. Mom tried that with us one year and we had the same expressions…

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  2. Cute tree!! at this point… we haven’t put ours up – don’t know if we will! lol

  3. The dogs look like they are ready to go caroling…except ruger, He looks like he’s ready for a drink!

  4. Thanks for the complement on our tree, guys. Note Mom says this is not a peemail tree. We should not let Mom near the computer, so she won’t post embarrassing pics of us ……

    Slobbers Ruger & Neve

  5. We don’t often put up our tree, but this year we are going to be home all through Christmas and New Year, so I really wanted to. Half the house is so messy I want to have the other half look nice.

    Go on – put yours up!

  6. Yep, I think that pretty much sums it up for the poor dog. Life is all a bit harassing for him at the moment!!!! LOL

  7. It is finally starting to feel like Christmas. It’s shocking that it’s a week away. I can’t believe how fast it’s coming up on us!

  8. Pretty tree, Annie!
    The pups’ comments made me LOL.

  9. Oh no.. you guys too. That is embarrassing. Why don’t humans wear that stuff and we’ll take the photos.