Public Service Announcement

1)  This is a quick blog to let you know that I have got a few things added to the ‘Glossary’ now. Thanks to the promptings of O’Neal at Postcards and Road Trips who has dropped into my blog recently.

 2)  Some other blogs I have added to my links recently are:

 Postcrossing and Other Things I Like

 Grammy & the Papillion Princess

These are two new blogs, so check them out and give them a bit of support!!

3)  I’m also hoping to write a blog entry in the next day or two for the Festival of Postcards at A Canadian Family. The theme for December is ‘White.’  And I’ve got a couple of postcards that I’ve been saving that will just work perfectly.

Sneak Preview

Sneak Preview
  Postcrossers – check it out and see if you could join in!

4 responses to “Public Service Announcement

  1. awww thanks so much for the mention! I’ve added you to mine as well! Postcrossers are so lovely!

  2. Hi …thanks for adding me to your blog! I added yours to mine and added a pic of maggie if you want to see her>
    thanks again

  3. Too true – every postcrosser I have encountered so far has been very friendly!


  4. Thanks so much Donna! Maggie is very cute – I like her furry ears especially.