Daily Archives: December 12, 2009

A Little Local Caching

Beach view near the cache. Even a little bit of blue sky!


For one reason or another, we are not going to have a geocaching road trip  for about 6 or 7 weeks, so we are down to rationing out our few remaining local caches so that we get at least one cache a week.  The weather this afternoon had a few dry patches, so we dashed out to check a couple of our own caches, and to look for   GC207ZK Flight Data Recorder.

This was a great little cache – deceptive camo to keep folk on their toes. A job well done by our caching pals the Pinot Noir team.  Here are a few photos from near the location:

Might be a cache in here somewhere!!


This pukeko had just FLOWN across the road. (Perhaps this one has a few brains!) 

There IS a pukeko in there, really.

View north from the nearby beach.

Our own caches that we checked on had been reported with wet log books (strangely enough.) One was indeed wet, so we replaced, and the other one was actually OK – those bison tubes do a great job.  This cache is in a really cool spot (hmmmm….. am I allowed to say that about our own cache??LOL). It’s essentially a parking pull in on the side of the highway, but like in many places on the West Coast, a little (or large) bit of wilderness is never very far away.  So you are a mere 20 metres from the highway, but in a little hidden watery paradise where you can’t see the highway.

At our Wetlands cache.

Such are the wonders of geocaching.