One Blog or Two…..?

 As some of you will realize this started out to be my geocaching blog, but pretty soon, became my geocaching and Postcrossing blog, and then pretty soon morphed into a place for everything.

What I would like to know – is do people mind?  If you are a Blue Heeler fan, say, do you mind dog posts being mixed in with everything else, or if you are a Postcrosser, do you read the entries about other stuff?

I’m curious. 

I’m considering moving the Postcrossing stuff to its own blog, because it is different in that it’s not specifically about stuff I’ve been doing personally, it’s more research and facts and so forth – which some folk possibly find kinda boring.  I’m wondering if it might be better to have its own blog, where I could write more and longer posts with the history and research type stuff in them.

Or is it OK here, and people are happy with just skipping over the posts which don’t so much interest them? Or maybe you all read every post any way?

What do you think are the pros and cons of one blog or two? 

 If you have never commented before, now’s you big chance. You know you want to!!! And if you have commented before – I’d be glad of your opinions.


7 responses to “One Blog or Two…..?

  1. The one thing I like about doing my blog is that I mix a lot of things together. What’s nice about it is that it’s my own personal spot in the world. I talk about what I like and try and mix all of my interests together. Being I don’t believe I’m going to have thousands and thousands of followers, I like the little niche I’ve built myself in the world.

    There’s something to be said about putting everything together. Your readers know where to go. Split things up too much and you might lose overall readership in the end.

  2. I agree with what PJ said.


    There is NO way I could have separate blogs for all the things I do… the reasons are simple. Too many things interest me, so I could technically have a billion blogs. Also, my interests change overtime, so I would hate to have to stop a blog – or feel pressure to keep up with the topic at hand.

    If a particular topic doesn’t interest me on a blog – its simple, I just skip over it. I keep the blog on my reader though becuase usually the next post is worth a read and I know it’s a blog I like 😉

    So in my opinion – keep it all together 😉 Maybe try utilizing your tabs at the top better so people coming for a specific topic can go directly to it? I’m not sure how wordpress does it though – so maybe you can’t? hehe.

  3. I like reading about many aspects of a person even if I started reading for a specific reason. I started reading your blog because of the geocaching aspect but I enjoy reading about everything else also.

  4. Hey Annie!
    I vote for everything on one blog. Personally, I like the variety.

  5. Good points. If I look at the blogs I vist most myself, they are the ones where the personality of the blogger comes through in the variety.

    And also true for me also about the range of interests! I possibly don’t have quite a gazillion, but still alot!!

    I guess I’ll stick with variety.

    Thanks for your comments everyone.


  6. my 2 cents!
    I’ve commented 3 times already since you posted, but it just doesn’t submit it. 4th time lucky.

    The thing with wordpress, is that if you have multiple blogs under the same account, whenever you leave a comment it links back to your MAIN blog.

    I have separate blog because they really differ vastly and I don’t mind getting less traffic to them.

    And personally I enjoy the variety. If there’s something specific I’m looking for, I’ll filter using the catagories

    And ja, glad you decided to stick to variety!

  7. I think it works fine because they are categorised into separate pages! It’s easy to find just the Postcrossing stuff or to read a mix of everything!