From England

 I really like this card from Andy in England. Season freak that I am, this is a perfect card for me as it shows seasonal changes, some ‘wild’ animals, and historic buildings.  A great combination.

New Forest

Even I have hear of New Forest ponies , which I had rather thought were wild, however these ponies, although they roam where they want in the forest, actually all have owners, and also a kind of caretaker called an Agister who is responsible for their health and wellbeing.  Once a year they are rounded up counted, marked and checked. The ponies are known to be hardy and friendly.  New Zealand has its own population of feral horses known as Kaimanawa horses  (or check here.)  These roam free in the Kaimanawa mountains area in the Central Plateau of the North Island, and are truly wild unlike the New Forest ponies.

 The right for the animals of locals to roam in the area of the New Forest has existed since the reign of King William 1st  in 1079.  William was the first Norman king, after defeating the Anglo-Saxon King Harold in 1066 in the Battle of Hastings depicted in the famous Bayeux Tapestry.  Petty soon William wanted to hunt for deer and wild pigs and didn’t want any fences or anything to stop his hunt. So the people who lived in the area were not allowed to fence in their stock, but in exchange the stock were able to graze on Crown owned land.  The ‘forest’  wasn’t  then, and is not now, a forest in the sense of land covered with trees.  The term is used to describe an area of land which has been ‘afforested’ – purchased under law for the purposes of royal hunting. 

The New Forest has areas of wetland and heath lands and areas that are actual forest including trees that are 300-400 or more years old.  The two lower pictures on this postcard show some of the variety of landscapes that may be seen in the New Forest. This website – New Forest Images  – has more superb photos of the New Forest – well worth a look  whether you are a photographer or not!

The two buildings that are shown are the Palace House at Beaulieu Estate, and Breamore.

At Beaulieu Estate  , in the village of Beaulieu, on the Beaulieu River in the south-west of the New Forest National Park you can visit the National Motor Museum and the ruins of the Beaulieu Abbey as well as the Palace House!!!  Apparently you may encounter a ghost of the original Cistercian monks in the abbey ruins.

Breamore   is another historic home located on the edge of the New Forest. It is in the village of Breamore (strangely enough!) and there is also an historic Breamore Church which has been around since about 980AD.


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  1. That’s a very cool card. I got one today from Germany. I need to get scanning soon, too, as I have a bunch that need to get ready for posting to the blog!

  2. What beautiful pictures.. Mom wants some of those ponies..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  3. Stunning postcards. Love the changing seasons on in.

    still can’t imagine a building being that old though

  4. I’m with yo on that! We have very few buildings over about 120 years old, never mind several hundred years old. It’s an amazing concept.