Tennis Ball Troubles

 Usually on a Thursday afternoon Ruger, Neve and I, with our friends Kaz (the human) and Tylar ( the canine) go to the dog park to play.  But not when it is pouring with rain. As it is today. So we didn’t go today, but I’ve been meaning to post some photos from another trip.

The general turn of events is that Ruger snobs the girls – certainly the canine girls – and devotes his complete attention to the true love of his life, his Frisbee. And the girls spend their time chasing and swapping tennis balls, while Ruger keeps his nose out of their games.  So the week that we went to the park with no Frisbee was a total disaster.  (See here for a lost Frisbee report.)

Ruger kept stealing the tennis balls off the girls (a tennis ball will surfice when there is no Frisbee avilable) and trying to carry two or three in his mouth at the same time. Which he can’t do.  So one or two would always get dropped, the girl dogs would not want to go and fetch them back, then Kaz or I had to go trotting down the field to do the fetching. And, as you know, that is NOT how the game is supposed to be played.  

So we had to mail order him a new Frisbee ASAP. We only got a few  pictures of the first day we went and played with it, but here are a couple:

i don't mind the grass really ...

I'm going to carry it all the way home and I'm not gonna drop it.

 Some dogs have  a different idea of fun…..

Mud?? Nope... not me. No sir-ee. I did not see any mud. At all. Not even one teeny tiny patch in the whole big paddock. I swear, I did not see any.

Tylar, looking laid back as usual. She is one cruisey Hunterway/Lab cross.


One response to “Tennis Ball Troubles

  1. Ruger you sure know how to hold out for a frisbee. Dad took mine away when he noticed I was bleeding from my gums.. I didn’t mind but he did.. I usually steal the ball from Louie and then just shake it and don’t give it back… I want mom to play tug-a-war with me but she doesn’t like the slime..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie