The reason why…

…. the office needs to be in a state such that people (and dogs and a cat) could function in there is …..

A beginning...

the builder actually arrived today, about half an hour after my previous post.   So now we start on round two of our renovations. 

He torn off a couple of bits of wall, drew some pictures,

Drew some pictures

measured some stuff, interrupted me about ten times to ask questions that he mostly had already had the answer to, went away to get some wood, and will be back again bright and early tomorrow morning, and every morning there-after until Christmas.

So  there goes any plans I had to sleep in from now until Christmas.


One response to “The reason why…

  1. Let me know if you guys would like to participate in the ACD calendar. here is the email i just got:

    Hi All!
    Yeah! Okay as project manager- Cyndi I think it’s a doable task for 2010… even if it’s printed in January. Let me do a roll call on who may be participating:
    Gus, Louie & Callie
    Wyatt Twirp? (Sue- can you contact Wyatt to ask?)
    Charlie Daniels (Penny will contact)
    Annie and Neve and Ruger- I think Neve is our German Heeler friend right? (Penny will contact)
    Panda? (Cyndi will contact)

    1- If you emailed someone to join the calendar, please confirm with me that they will be participating so I can add them to the email distribution list.

    2- New Hope was suggested as our non profit. If everyone agrees… Reply with a yes or another suggestion.

    3-I’d like everyone to send me 4-5 photos. I’m leaving you with creative liberties regarding photo themes but be mindful of seasons and action shots. When submitting to me, please comment where photo was taken and any other tidbit. Submit your photos to me by Dec 23rd. I’m off work from Xmas thru New Years so that’ll give me time to put it together. Once I receive all photos, I’ll post them for all to view and we can “vote” on which ones to put on the calendar. Hopefully, we can do this in a timely fashion.

    4- Any ideas on a title? Dogs that Blogs- ACD edition? When sending your photos, send me your idea for a title.

    I hope I covered everything. I’m excited to do this joint venture with you!
    Debi & Norwood

    PS Cyndi- I’m use to working with people with OCD so don’t worry. You’re nothing unusual to me. I hope you can pull together so photos in the next couple weeks. And, Norwood would gladly welcome Panda into his harem.

    P.S.S Sue.. fancy camera. Will your son get his puppy by Dec 23rd? If so, we’d love some puppy shots if Wyatt Twirp doesn’t join in.

    Just contact me if you’d like to join us in the calendar!!

    Penny and Velcro