Stamp Collectors….

I  possibly have something you want …..

Stamps looking for homes


In the quest to restore my craft room/office/storage of teaching resources space into something resembling …. well, I’d setttle for a room where I can actually FIND stuff ….. I came across a pile ( hmmmm – truthfully – several piles of )stamps.  They used to go to a mission group, but the group doesn’t want them any more.

But if you want some of them I’m sure we can come to an arrangement. Because you’ve got something I want –Postcards!!!

So here’s what we’ll do. The first five stamp collecting people who leave a comment on my blog telling me that they want stamps will get some of them.  Similar to, but not exactly the same as, the example below —  around about 15-16  New Zealand Post stamps of different denominations with a couple of double ups, and a couple from the other random stamp creating companies we have here.  What you see is what you get in terms of the sort of condition they are in.

Similar (but not exactly the same) assortment to this.

Closer View 1

Closer View 2

Your email will be on you blog comment when I recieve it, so I will email you back and we will swap addresses. You will send

me a postcard – linkie here to my Postcrossing profile which explains what kinds I like.  And I will put your stamps in a little plastic baggie (geocachers have lots of those!) and in an envelope, and send them to you!  So you’ll also get a bonus stamp or two on the envelope.

If this experiment works I will do it again early-ish next year, as I will have more stamps by then due to the iminent arrival of Christmas cards.

Let me know what you think?

4 responses to “Stamp Collectors….

  1. If I were a stamp collector… I’d be all over this. But I’ll send you a postcard anyway if you e-mail your address 😉

  2. Yeah, not a stamp collector here. 🙂

    I have seen, however, many interesting stamps on the postcrossing cards I’ve received.

  3. I collected stamps when I was about 10 or 12, but I don’t know what happened to them once I was a teen. I think I prefer my stamps now in context on a postcard or letter.
    But I’m still hoping there’s some people out there wanting to give my stamps a home, rather than me throwing them away during my mega-clean out!


  4. Hey Annie

    My dad collects stamps. He says he’ll love to take over some of your collection. Mail me and we can make a plan.