Dog Day Discoveries

A dogs’ eye view of renovations on Day One:

  • Our water tastes really good now that our bowl is in a new place – we’ve been testing it every 10 minutes so we’re really sure.
  • Mum – I don’t like that noise – but listen, I can make a louder noise – aren’t I clever???? Mummm… don’t you think I’m clever???? No?
  • I do like this big desk Mum, only Neve could fit under that little computer table – I like this one more.  There’s plenty of space for a big dog like me.  Anyway, she’s too busy guarding Dad’s socks  to be bothered about sleeping under here.
  •  I’m OK – I’ve got socks. I’ll be fine. I’ll just stay here under the clothes airer and guard Dad’s socks … I’m not too sure about that builder guy. He might want to borrow them.
  • Hey, where have our biscuits gone … oh, out there in the hallway … yep, they’re still there…. Ok they are still there now… yea, they haven’t gone yet …. Alright, they are still safe out there now…..  yep…..that builder guy didn’t steal them yet…. It’s alright, they’re still fine ….

2 responses to “Dog Day Discoveries

  1. Keep your eye on those biscuits!

    good luck with entertaining the dogs with all the renovating

  2. Of course that computer desk is fit for a pup.. Don’t chew up Dad’s socks.. Our’s doesn’t like holey ones.. hehe

    Hey way is your email address? Please email me at gus0003atgmaildotcom.. Mom has a question to ask Mom…

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie