From Malta

 Today’s postcard is a private swap with Leena who joined up with Postcrossing almost the same day as I did, and contacted me to do a swap.

Blue Lagoon - Comino

This amazing blue is the ‘Blue Lagoon’ of Malta. The water between  the small Maltese island of Comino and  an even smaller island – or large rock – called Cominotto,  is so clear that it is an excellent spot for snorkeling.  Comino has – apparently – a permanent population  zero, three, four  or eight people (depending what you read), but is a very popular tourist location  with one 4 star hotel, so it seems that there is usually more than four people there!  Comino is also a nature reserve and bird sanctuary  today.  The Mediterranean climate on Comino has temperatures  ranging between 30 degrees Celcius in summer and down to 15 decgrees Celcuis in winter. There is very little rain so nothing much grows  there apart from wild thyme and a few other small plants.

The most prominent building on Comino is Santa Marija or  St Mary’s Tower (the white building in the middle of this picture.) It was originally built in the 1600’s as a watch tower in case of invasion, and was used again for this purpose during WWI and WWII It has also probably been used as an isolation hospital, an outpost to send misbehaving knights to, and a farm building.  It appears to the property of the Maltese Armed forces, but is being restored by the National Trust of Malta and one of the purposes it is used for is a watchhouse to guard against illegal hunting of the birds on Comino.

The most odd thing, is that never having heard or read much about Malta before, I’d picked up a novel at the library a few weeks ago but hadn’t started reading it until last week – to find that it was set in Malta!!!  The book is ‘The Brass Dolphin’ by Joanna Trollope writing as Caroline Harvey.  It’s an ok book – probably if it wasn’t set in Malta, and I wasn’t reading it at the moment, I probably would not enjoy it as much as some of the other Joanna Trollope books that I have read though.


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  1. Hey Annie-we’re in the process of attempting to put together an ACD calendar that we can sell for a rescue. Would you be interested in being included in this project? ie pictures of your babies? Let me know. Please email me at



  2. Very nice looking card! I’ve only done one direct swap, with someone from Cuba. Very cool stuff.

    I forgot my Friday postcrossing post… doh! This also reminds me that I have four postcards to finish writing and send!

  3. Hi Annie! I got your Christmas card today – thanks! It was great catching up. I love your blog, and think that the postcrossing sounds interesting. I’m going to go check out that website. I listed my e-mail address if you want to have a go at e-mailing me.

  4. that’s so beautiful! malta is a wonderful place 🙂 i love postcrossing! it really is a great hobby

  5. Hi there Jenny,

    Welcome to my blog – I’ve had a wee look at your blog too now, and I will add you to my blogroll. I enjoy reading the personal comments and extra information about people’s postcrossing cards so I’ll be checking out your blog again.


  6. What an idyllic postcard – imagining lounging on a yacht with clear clear blue water… and an equally blue umbrella optional beverage.

    I love it when the universe hands us a suprise like that, and makes you go ‘curiouser and curiouser’.