Hosting Our First Event

We have been to a couple of other events and enjoyed hanging out with other geocachers, and it seemed like it was time to have an event in our local area. There are quite a few new cachers about, and there had not been an Event here for awhile. 

As it happened we had only a few locals, and just as many visitors (but we were pleased to see them anyway 😉 )  If we repeat the event next year, we will have to get it published sooner so that people have more chance to organize their time!!  It was a good learning experience anyway.  

Checking out Travellers

Hanging out in the Backyard

A Christmas Event seems the right place for these travellers.

We had a perfect weather day, sunny but not too hot, and a good spread of food thanks to everyone who contributed to the “pot-luck.”  After a couple of hours of eating, looking at coins, exchanging stories and picking up hints – with a few little Christmas gifts thrown in – some of us went off to learn about Wherigo and others to hunt out a few Coast caches that they had not done yet.

Getting our Wherigo instructions.

'Teacher' & 'Student!'

PB's first time with a Colarado

The Wherigo was at one of our West Coast historic mining areas, and our “task” was to use the coal and clay to make a brick to add to a chimney. Only a few people had a GPS that was capable, so these were shared around – along with their owners, and the rest of us got to experience not only finding a Wherigo cache but using a Colarado or Oregon.

View over the mining area. The chimney is on the left in the distance.

The Historic chimney

Bridge View

A little bit of scenery

Happy cache finder

 Later in the day some gathered again to clean up the rest of the food, and then a group went off to do a new local night cache in the company of the cache placer. I didn’t go on that little mission, but I am assured that a good portion of mud and creek crossing was involved.  I believe that at least one cacher went slip sliding away near to the final also!!!

Checking co-ords

Off into the darkness ........


5 responses to “Hosting Our First Event

  1. We have a Colorado but we haven’t done a Wherigo yet. There aren’t any in our area. I would like to try one though.

  2. Sounds like an excellent event. I am such a huge fan of events as I think they represent some of the best of what geocaching has to offer. There’s always good talk, stories, and food. Looks like you guys had a great time.

    As for Whereigos… I have two that I have found, but I’ve always been with others to do it. I haven’t had the chance to really see much of what happens as it’s hard to see it and understand it among a group. I hope I have the chance to really check it out some time.

  3. Had a royal *head desk* moment there. I thought Wherigo was an actual place – cause NZ has some unusual (to me) names.
    Annie, the more I follow your blog, the more I want the geochache bug to bite us. Will check out the official site this week is there are any in our area.

  4. Nice pictures! I finally got around to returning the favour and linking to your blog. I haven’t had a computer for the last little while so it’s been a bit tricky to keep up with things.

  5. It looks like a good day.