This Week’s Postcards

From the USA

Common Loon with chick

This is a Postcrossing Official card from Five Pucks. The picture is a “Common Loon with Chick.”   As you can see on the postcard the loon has very dramatic plumage highlighted by bold red eyes. The winter plumage is not so vivid being more grayish and dull.  The Common Loon  is one of five loon species.  Common Loons   breed or migrate throughout the larger part of the Northern Hemisphere. They breed inland on freshwater lakes, then migrate to the ocean during winter. Loons seldom come on land.

As Loons are aquatic birds, they eat  mostly fish and small water creatures, which puts then high on the food chain of the lakes. The effects of chemicals from air and water pollution become concentrated in the loon which affects their behaviour, breeding and  consequently population levels.

From Germany

Dalmatian with puppies

Another Official. This lovely family arrived from Hella in Germany. Now the most important fact one needs to know about the Dalmatian  is that it is one of the dog breeds that was used to develop the Australian Cattle Dog or ‘Blue Heeler!’

From the USA

This beautiful postcard comes from Kala, who has included quite a bit of information on her card already. More facts about Lake Superior can be found: here!

From Belarus

And last but not least is this awesome postcard from Pankk in Belarus. I have to confess that I didn’t really know where Belarus was so PB and I really did have to Google this one, and then actually went to the bookshelf and got down the big atlas!!! Pankk has been waiting patiently no doubt, as this postcard took 24 days to get to me.

The picture is of the European Bison (Bison bonasus).   The Belarus/Poland border is one of few places in the world that these animals live naturally in the wild.  There are around 300 on the Belarus side of the border and slightly fewer behind an impenetrable border fence, on the Polish side.  The wild population is descended from 54 zoo specimens from Germany and Scandinavia, as the original natural population finally died out in 1919.  The European populations are officially the ‘Lithuanian Bison’  rather than the ‘Caucasian Bison,’ as this sub-species is now extinct. Apparently there is some debate over the matter, but in general these bison are considered to be a different species to the American Bison.

So not only did I have not much idea where Belarus was, I had no idea at all that there were or had been bison in Europe. This Postcrossing  thing is really educational! (I know, I’m strange – I like learning about all kind of random stuff!!! :0  !


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  1. It’s neat for me to be able to see other US postcards (what kind are being sent/what stamps the use!) Maine is a beautifulllll place – in the summer anyway.

    I never knew they had bison in Europe either!!