Travel Bug material?

This picture is so that PJ over at  A ‘lil Hoohaa can see my potential travel bug for the HooHaa TB race.

Kiri the Flying Kiwi?

She is about 6cm/2.5 inches tall and 10cm/4 inches from beak to butt.  I’m wondering if that is  a little large for a racing TB?  What do your think, people? Would there be caches in your part of the world that she would fit in, and would you move her if you saw her?

I think there is a few more spaces open in the race if any other cachers are interested!



6 responses to “Travel Bug material?

  1. For a regular travel bug, I’d say go for it. For a TB race? That might be tough. I would have to actually measure the ammo can or the lock and lock I am going to use to release all the bugs to see how it will fit.

    It could work, but people might not be as willing to move it as they would something else. Totally up to you on this one. I will get a container big enough for all the TBs when I release them, but weigh the options!

    Also — as an FYI, I tried to e-mail you, but the address you put on my blog posts always bounce back.

  2. I emailed you – hopefully it got though.


  3. That is a pretty cool bird..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  4. Its really cool (and looks REAL)! I tried to keep mine small enough to fit in as many caches as possible – but not small enough to lose. I think PJ is right, it might be a little too big – it is not outrageously big, but prob. not BEST for a Racer 😉

  5. Have picked up an object of similar size over here. Link will show a photo (eventually). (Not a racer)

    You close down your options for a race though as you will be limited to big boxes – depending on how squishy Kiri is!

    Just don’t let Kiri get anywhere near Belgium! My TB went there 2 months ago and hasn’t resurfaced. 😦

  6. We went with a smaller one in the end – Kiri’s not squishy at all, so really would have needed bigger boxes.

    Perhaps after he’s finished racing he’ll head over to Belgium and rescue Maisie’s TB 😉 LOL

    May still set Kiri off on a world tour, but will have to wait until we get some more dog tags.