Introducing Kelty the Cat Burglar!

It seems that Kyle (now to be known as Kelty*)  has taken up permanent residence at our house. It also seems that he has taken up residence in one of our drawers. Which he opens himself.

It looks like he is going to be a personality plus cat.

Kelty takes up residence

One day last week when PB got home he was very puzzled to find the drawer that he drops all those bits of paper that ‘might be important one day’ in to, was open.   Now it was possible that I had looked for something in there and forgot to shut it. That happens somedays around here. So we thought nothing more of it.  Today, shortly after we brought Kelty back from the cattery, there he was sitting in the draw! (Which had 100% definately been shut when I last saw it.)  PB was out getting the dogs, so I took a photo for evidence. But there was no need for that, as he’s there again now after a short session of hiding under the bed.

He also doesn’t like chicken. Very strange.  It had been intended to tempt him out from under the bed. Not that it was needed.

Needless to say, there were other mouths ready and waiting to consume the chicken bit that he had turned down.

*Kelty is a small town in Scotland that some of PB’s maternal ancestors came from.  PB’s mum claims that when she wins the lottery she will take us all to visit. ….. pity she doesn’t buy tickets …….


4 responses to “Introducing Kelty the Cat Burglar!

  1. haha. You need to set up a hidden camera to see HOW Kelty opens the drawer!

  2. LOL -that’s what PB thinks too. It would be hilarious. We have a lot of technology in this house – but none that will do spy video though. 😦


  3. Am also one of those non-ticket-buying lottery players; haven’t won anything yet.
    Kelty is Ocean’s #14 – the silent partner

  4. This so funny!!!!
    I would set a camera lol!