From the Netherlands

This is my 6th Postcrossing card received – a lovely floral card. (It also has a very cute kitten on the back on a return address sticker.) Thanks to Lenny from the Netherlands.  Seeing as the back of the card doesn’t have any information about what the flower is, I have researched the city it came from.

Beautiful Flowers


Being from a country that has had European settlements for only just a couple of hundred years, the thought of living in a city that is around a thousand years old amazes me. The city of Gorinchem is one such place.  It is considered  to have initially developed as farmers and fishermen settled on the higher land near the  mouth of the River Linge. During the 13th century a wall was built around the settlement – initially earth mounds, and later a wall with gates and guard towers.

In the 16th century the walls were rebuilt  around a larger area, and this wall remains today.  Over the centuries these walls have been needed for protection in a number of different battles – including the never-ending Dutch battle against water taking over their land. (40% of the Netherlands is actually below sea level.) A walking tour can be taken today to learn about the history of the wall and to investigate the main features of it.  This link has photos of many of these places: Town Wall

This is an amazing website that the photos above are part of:  Gorinchem- the Key to Holland  and here is a site which I think is the council website that has  a page in English:  Gorinchem Council

And by the way, there are 10 caches within 5 kilometres of wherever considers the centre of Gorinchem starting with a webcam cache: GCJVC4 SpijksePoort   and I’m sure that some of the others will be at some of the historic features on the town wall!



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  1. That’s a beautiful postcard!!

  2. That is so cool. We love the postcard and the history behind it…

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  3. What a great card! Colorful!