Daily Archives: November 25, 2009

White Ribbon Day

It seems like it’s always a ‘day’ somewhere in the world, if not two or three different celebrations, memorials, commemorations  or other events being marked.  Some are just a bit of fun and some have a very important serious message. White Ribbon Day in one of the latter.  

I was in town today (buying postcards and stamps – as you do) and just on my way back to the van when I was offered a free lunch  – well, a BBQ sausage complete with onions wrapped in the obligatory slices of white bread .  I offered to make a donation – as you do. (Down here in kiwiland the BBQ outside a store is a common fundraiser.)  But my offer was kindly refused, and I was given the white ribbon below.

White Ribbon Day

All they asked was that I wear my white ribbon to support their cause.  As I was just on my way home, and wouldn’t really being seeing anyone else today, I thought I’d do my support for the cause here.

According to the information in their website  White Ribbon.org.nz   each year  in New Zealand 14 women are killed by their partner or ex-partner.  That seems like a terrible and sad statistic  to me.