A Great Mail Day!

Two out of the five residents got lucky anyway. 

Two of us had a good mail day!

I’ve only received two Postcrossing cards until today, which I was being to feel a bit hard done by about, as I’ve sent out eleven. But today I got three, all at once, from Japan, Finland and Italy. (Plus emails for two received that I sent.) Total randomness that three postcards sent on different days from completely different parts of the world end up together in my postbox.  I was amused.  And happy.  I’ll be off shortly to do a bit more research about the pictures on them.

 But before I go here are some photos of the other lucky mail recipient opening his courier parcel.


This sellotape is pretty tough Mum

Thanks for helping me Mum




If I shake this end it should come out


How do you get this cardboard thing off?


Right, we can go play now ......









4 responses to “A Great Mail Day!

  1. hehe, your dog got mail! awesome!

    Glad you got all the postards 😉

  2. Your dog is so cute and that is great that he got some mail too. I am glad that you got some more postcards.

  3. How great are mail days like that? I had one Saturday where I got a bunch of pathtags and also some prize donations for my upcoming travel bug race! 🙂

  4. I just checked my mailbox today. Empty. :(. I’m waiting on 4 officials from Postcrossing and about another 4 swaps (though to be honest those probably won’t be here for a week or so yet.) This Postcrossing is good for testing patience for sure!!!