Does he look like a Kyle…… ?

Well, I got sucked in. I guess you have to expect that when you volunteer at a place like the SPCA. This is Kyle.

Is this a Kyle?

He’s home visiting with us at the moment to see how he gets on with the dogs.  So far he does not sit still for 2 seconds when I go in to see him (he’s hanging out in the bathroom) so these are the best photos I can offer.  He smooches alot and purrs like a jet engine, so he definately loves humans anyway. The manager says he must be someone’s pet, but no one has claimed him after 12 days, so he’s up for adopting.

But the question is: Does he really look like a Kyle?? That was the name he got allocated when he got brought in, so we can change it if he stays.

Slightly better shot

Anyway, if any of my doggy readers out there in cyberspace have hints  or stories about introducing adult dogs and cats to each other, now is the time to tell me.  No matter where you blog, or if you don’t, you should be able to comment.

BTW – I’d forgotten how cat logic works. He has got a big pile of comfy blankets in the corner. He has chosen to snuggle down on the damp shower tray……….


8 responses to “Does he look like a Kyle…… ?

  1. I don’t think he looks like a Kyle. Not sure what he does look like but not Kyle.

  2. Hehe, when I hear the name Kyle, I think person – not cat…. but it still works 😉

    We had a cat just like this when I was younger, it’s name was Inky.

  3. I don’t mind naming my pet’s people names. Our cat is Luke. I also had cats named, Max, Oscar, and Tommy. And a dogs named Jazmine and Phoebe.

  4. Thanks for your thoughts guys! I’m not adverse to a ‘people’ name, but we’re just not sure that Kyle will work seeing as we have both known people called Kyle, (PB went to school with one, and I’ve taught one) so that kind of affects our view of that name.

    We could possibly go with a geocaching related name – we’ve been through a few suggestions, but nothing much that we can agree on!! 🙂


  5. Kyle looks more like a Jake to us.. hehe
    Hey if you figure out how to introduce him to the dogs let us know. We are still chasing ours. Callie thinks they are stuffies..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  6. The name Kyle brings a groan from any primary school teacher in this part of the world (Scotland). Kyle is usually associated with trouble!

    As for introducing a cat to a dog – I’d probably put the cat in Maisie’s bowl – just so that she knows it’s food (lol).

  7. Hi Guys,

    Yep, we tried to chase this one. We like small furry things that move. The huumans growled at us big time and the fluffy thing said some very bad words to us …… (but the huumans still wouldn’t let us eat it.) Actually it looks kind of prickly and fierce so it might not taste too good anyway. We haven’t decided yet.

    Ruger & Neve

  8. Funny that! I wonder if we did a world wide survey if teachers all over would come up with the same names. Then a book could be written something like ” Names Never to Call Your Child and What They Mean in Teacher Speak.”

    Hehehe, I think Neve and Ruger are kind of waiting for us to do the same with the cat. Or if not put the cat in their bowl, at least put its food in their bowls. They were most offended this morning when he got fed before they did.

    Sending pats to Maisie,