From Russia

My second ever Postcrossing card received arrived today, just when the suspense was almost too much for me.  I can see that this is a hobby that leads to the development of patience!!!  It is from Iavrile (Kate) in Russia. 

From Iavrile (Kate)

Peter the Great Bridge, Saint Petersburg, Russia

From Iavrile (Kate)

Kate's comments

The picture is Peter the Great Bridge in Saint Petersburg.  It crosses the Neva River, which has the third greatest volume of any European river after the Volga and the Danube.  The bridge itself is a compression arch suspended deck bridge. This is the same type of bridge as the well known Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia.  A compression arch bridge can have the deck hanging, or suspended, from the arch as in these examples, or the deck can be above the arch, an example of which is the Glen Canyon Dam Bridge over the Colorado River in Arizona, USA.

A bridge was first suggested in the area of the Peter the Great bridge in 1829, but the actual process of building a bridge only began on 1907, prompted by the tragic sinking of the passenger ship Arkhangelk . At that time, by ship was the method of crossing the Neva River.  A contract for building the bridge was quickly settled on with a company from Warsaw, Poland, and signed later in 1907. Though the bridge was not open for traffic until 1911 it was formally opened on June 26th, 1909  – exactly 200 years after Peter the Great won a battle called the Battle of Poltava in a  war between Russia and Sweden. The bridge carries 4 lanes of vehicle traffic and 2 tram lines.

Originally it was named the Emperor Peter the Great Bridge, which was changed to Bolsheokhtinsky Bridge (or Okhtinsky  for short!)  in 1956, and then renamed as Peter the Great Bridge in 2004. Today people use both names.

So my exploration of the world today has been a history and bridge building lesson.


4 responses to “From Russia

  1. Beautiful card and Interesting bridge lesson. I’ll have to check out that Arizona bridge sometime! 7 hrs away from me, but perhaps one day I’ll be geocaching there, or on my way past there.

  2. A card from Russia! Awesome!

  3. LOL – that seems so wierd that it is 7 hours away from you! It takes us just over three hours to drive right across our whole country. The USA is awfully big!!!!

  4. Is Russia a ‘ rare’ or common country? I should go look how many members are there.