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From The Netherlands

As I’ve said, YAY!!! And hooray – I received my first Postcrossing card.  Here is the picture and Ioni’s great message. I’d said I would enjoy postcards of the wilderness and natural environment from the sender’s country. However in a couple of sentences Ioni’s comments have made me aware that not everyone has the pleasure that I do of living in a country with abundant wild areas  that are accessible for people to roam in.  So thanks Ioni for making me think, and for reminding me to appreciate what we have here in New Zealand.


from Ioni
Bovenste Bos, Limburg, The Netherlands

from Ioni



This picture is in the Bovenste  Bos,  a  forest area in the province of Limburg which appears to be right in the southern part of the Netherlands on the border with Belgium.  I think it is possible to camp there, and there seems to be quite a bit of information out there about the area (if I could read Dutch L ). So if you know more about this area, you are welcome to comment and let me know.



My first Postcrossing postcard arrived in my mailbox today. It is from Ioni in the Netherlands.

I will add photos tomorrow – mostly because I’m about to run out of broadband  for this month…… playing on Google Earth.

And I promise a geocaching related post with lots of photos tomorrow.