Almost went geocaching

We almost did. Really. I know this is supposed to be a geocaching blog (sort of – at least I’ve had the decency to edit our byline!!!LOL), so I thought perhaps we ought to go geocaching. PB is on call this weekend and can’t go too far from the hospital so we went to try one of our few remaining local caches. Unfortunately we were muggled out for the third time at this cache, so after a few photos of waves and seagulls we went away again. 

Waves at Tiphead

Wave Splash

Seagulls at Ella Rocks

Seaguls at Ella Rocks









So I’ll show you some photos from last weekend in the city and a few of the caches we did on the hills there. We only had a couple of hours of daylight after PB finished at his conference, and we decided to head for the Port Hills.

Lyttleton and harbour from WP1

Lyttleton and harbour from Sunset Siesta WP1


Looking back up towards trig.









 We had been after a cache called Sunset Siesta GCRF0T placed by Grandalf, on a previous trip.  We’d had no trouble with the first WP.  After a short but steep haul straight up the hill in a blustery wind, we dropped below the ridge, the trig point and the strange building that was up there. (As far as we know for a Grandalf cache this was indeed a very short hill climb. His caches are locally renown for being either a good hill-climb, or deviously difficult – or both.) But we still needed to catch our breath while PB dived into a bush and got the container with the final co-ords. Fortunately the final was downhill from where we were and on the not so breezy side of the hill!!  However, search as we might we could not locate the final, tho’ we were fairly confident we found Grandalf’s secret picnic spot.

THIS time, we went armed with the extra knowledge scrounged from reading previous logs,  and modified our search and after about 5 minutes scrapping around under  ‘large’ rocks, my fingertips passed across that strange smooth plastic surface of a cache. Hooray! This cache had not beaten us for a second time. 

From Grandalf’s picnic spot there is a great view to the west across the city – and although we haven’t yet been here at sunset it would be a glorious spot to watch from.

View from Sunset Siesta

View from Sunset Siesta

Sky from Sunset Siesta

Sky from Sunset Siesta









As we probably had another hour or so of daylight left we thought we could grab a few more. Now I’m fairly certain all these could be got from the Crater Rim Walkway and a few detours off it, but due to the lack of light left and that I had already spent the whole day walking around in the city, we opted for the ‘drive-by’ option. Not that it was totally drive-by as we still had to do the up and down hill bits!!

Harbour and bays from Lava Nouveau

Harbour and bays from Lava Nouveau

Next we headed to Lava Nouveau which was an easy little stroll from the road, but more awesome views and a superbly constructed camo ‘container’ – but I shan’t say more in case any locals read it.  Then we proceeded to Possum Palace. A quick find here, but a steep steep downhill on rough terrain, so it was a good thing we still had enough light.  Our remaining three Port Hills/ Victoria Park finds were pretty quick and easy which was a good thing in the rapidly fading light.


Almost Sunset

Almost sunset near The Rock of....



The caches we did: GCRF0T Sunset Siesta,  GCRNBG Lava Nouveau , GCN3T7 Possum Palace , GC1MNBX  The Rock Of …, GCY1AW Pack of Puzzles and GC1MV82 Latters Layby.


4 responses to “Almost went geocaching

  1. Amazing views! I love the last one with the sun rays beaming down. Sounds like you went after a lot of caches that required a lot of work 😉 I like hiking caches, but since I end up caching alone a lot, I don’t get many of these kind.

  2. Fantastic scenery Annie! The shot from Lava Nouveau is reminiscent of our west coast scenery. Was feeling quite a home. I see you’re finding the eternal problem of the geocaching blogger – there’s so much not to tell!

  3. Hi there!
    Erika ….not quite as much hill walking as it looks. We could have done a track called Crater Rim Walkway that would have linked four of the caches, but there is also a road along the summit which we made good use of on this trip!

    Ken…. was it the nasty yellow gorse that was making you feel quite at home???? LOL I almost wrote about it – horrible stuff that the ancestors saw fit to bring with them. It grows rampantly here.

    I really am going to have to get a decent general map of Scotland so that I’ve some idea of the areas you are talking about.


  4. Gorse…don’t talk to me about gorse!…read here…

    Google maps/Google Earth can help a bit with finding places in Scotland, Annie. I use Google Earth all the time for geocaching as I can bring up all the geocaches on it – don’t know if you knew about that. If you didn’t I’ll try and remember how I did it and do a step by step with you.

    For my walks what I’ll do is post up the nearest geocache number and that should take you straight to the spot via the mapping in I thought that was exceptionally clever myself (lol). So if there’s any places you want to know about that you’ve already read in the blog just give me a shout. I notice you’ve put down the geocaching identifiers on your posts, so I’ll have a look later (not at work) to see where you’ve been. Simples.