Daily Archives: November 13, 2009

Oh where oh where has my little dog gone?

…at least  not so much my little dog, as his Frisbee.  How can a dog who is about as attached to his Frisbee as I am to my GPS manage to lose it?  Or perhaps I’m the one who has lost it? Whatever the case, Frisbee is not to be found anywhere despite a morning spend in part intensively looking for it, then sporadically looking for it between other household chores.   We have found: 

one half of a pair of knee high tights – long thought to be digested by a canine gut,

several shoes and slippers – not exactly lost, but not exactly where one would expect them to be (no, I lie, in fact a dog bed is quite a normal place to look for one’s footwear around here!)

two tennis ball – long ago forgotten about but quickly seized by said canine who has misplaced his frisbee, for a quick game of ‘ hide the ball under the blankie,’

a misplaced dog towel – we have grades of towels here ranging from human, to dog, to only fit for rags, and this one was somehow in with the dog blankets (oh yes, we have grades of blankets  too – don’t you???)

the axe – well that was a bizarre find, I can only assume PB knew it was behind there even if I didn’t,

a few gazillion dust bunnies  – if you looked the places at your house that we’ve looked today I am quite sure you would find dust bunnies too.

But no Frisbee.  And when I ask said dog to ‘ find frisbee’ he stares at me blankly,  no doubt thinking something along the lines of, “ Daft human, does she not remember that we left the Frisbee at the park last week?”

Because that’s the only conclusion that I can come to, that we did inadvertently leave the Frisbee at the dog park last week, or at least said dog dropped it somewhere along the return journey  – he insists on carrying to home himself, but employs a human slave to carry it to the park – and the humans didn’t notice.  With three extremely boisterous dogs, two somewhat absent minded humans and the accumulated collection of leads, tennis rackets, balls, toys, towels and other assorted necessities, it is quite possible we left something behind.

Ah well, my little task for the afternoon will be getting online and finding a company that will post us a new one before our doggy play-date at the park with Karen and Tylar next week (Karen being the human and Tylar being the dog.)  With above mentioned dog continually stealing the tennis balls from the canine girls and the human girls getting sick of trudging all the way down the field to get the balls back again, we didn’t have as much fun as we usually do.  So unless he masters the ability to fit two or three tennis balls in his mouth at once, or we get a new Frisbee, we are all doomed to more ball stealing and trudging.

So if you happen to have any insight as to where a round red rubber dog Frisbee would go when it were hiding, do let me know ……..