Of cats & dogs

Cats because I spend the morning at our local SPCA cleaning out cat cages. I’ve only volunteered there twice so far, but have already encountered all kinds of small sadnesses such as the poor pregnant kitten this morning, probably only a couple of months away from her own mother. And another feisty young half-wild cat that came in last week and unfortunately had to be euthanized  as it was never going to settle enough to be found a home.  And the injured cat that was new in this week – very affectionate and obviously a family pet, but not micro chipped , so it will be only luck if she is returned to her owner if she recovers.

So people,  please please micro chip your pets. 

 ... or the satellite dish dog.
Cone head Neve

And as for dogs: the photo almost says it all. Those that insist on licking the sores on their legs and making them worse rather than better WILL have a cone put on their head!!!! And if they did not fight with their brother, they would not have bites in the first place!


One response to “Of cats & dogs

  1. Aw. poor puppy. Hopefully he doesn’t have to wear the cone too long!