Daily Archives: November 2, 2009

A little cache placing.

 Despite the weatherman’s predictions, it was lovely and sunny this weekend, so garden work was first on the agenda for us.  But surely no one could be expected to use up an entire sunny day doing gardening, so later in the day we went on a little cache placing trip. 

The boys hanging out on the couch together

Darnell & Ruger

He's a bit little for me to play with, Mum?

Darnell & Neve

Firstly we rescued this cute TB Darnell the Domesticated Dingo, from one of our caches.  His owners were keen for him to continue his journey to Australia.  So he’s just visiting with us for a little bit before be drop him off close to an airport. Here he is hanging out with some new friends.

We placed a new cache End of the Road GC20J4V. When we submitted it today our reviewer Curglaff published it with about 30 mins which is always reassuring!  It’s a cemetery cache. I find cemetery caches really interesting and thought-provoking , and always such restful  & peaceful spots.  This is our third cemetery cache, and the feature here that I wanted to lead people to is a wooden ‘gravestone’  so old that any information is worn right off it. It’s surrounded by a very rustic picket fence, with long grass growing all around.  A very tranquil final resting place.

 We’ve got another cache in the works as well – PB just constructed the container for it tonight.  Just a drive-by, but hopefully it will provide a bit of a challenge, so I can’t say too much more.